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Possible Breast Cancer Prevention Strategy
The day has come when scientists are working on ways to prevent cancer from ever developing. It involves looking for certain genes in people at risk for various cancers.
Mammograms Every Year or Every Other Year?
Quick – if you’re 55, how often should you have a mammogram? Every year or every two years? What if you have dense breasts? What if you’ve taken hormone therapy for menopause symptoms?
Does HRT Cause Breast Cancer or Not?
Women used to rely on hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)​ to calm the discomforts of menopause. Then a study linked HRT to breast cancer, and everything changed.
Ladies, Go Light on the Dairy
Who doesn’t love a bowl of ice cream? Or cheese? What about a dollop of half and half to make that cup of coffee creamy and luscious? You may love these things, but your body might not.
Heartfelt News for Breast Cancer Survivors
Cancer therapies save lives. But those same treatments can also cause serious problems years later. Such is the case with radiation therapy for breast cancer.
Another Battle in the War on Breast Cancer
A breast cancer diagnosis is no doubt very serious. Some women may feel like they’ve experienced a major traumatic event for the first few months after receiving the news.
Does Vitamin D Reduce Breast Cancer Risks?
Vitamin D3 has been touted as possibly being able to help prevent certain cancers. The role of vitamin D in the prevention of breast cancer has had mixed reviews.
Cancer Surgery Anesthesia and Chronic Pain
Breast cancer patients who undergo a mastectomy (removal of breast) can have pain for years after the surgery. Does the medication given during surgery make a difference?
Exercise Moot with Early Cancer
Exercise is useful in the fight against invasive cancer. But the effect exercise has on early forms of breast cancer might be different.
More Young Women Developing Advanced Breast Cancer
Breast cancer should not show up in women in their 20s and 30s. But it does. And the disease shouldn't be more deadly in younger women than it is in older women. But it is. The trends for these sad facts aren’t looking good.