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Palbociclib Receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation
Pfizer Inc. announced today its investigational compound palbociclib (PD-0332991), an oral and selective inhibitor of cyclin dependent kinases (CDK) 4 and 6, has received Breakthrough Therapy designation by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the potential treatment of patients with breast cancer.
Looking into Breast Cancer Breakthrough
The FDA has given Pfizer’s breast cancer compound a “Breakthrough Therapy” designation. This will fast-track the medication’s development and review because this compound may offer important new treatments advantages.
Movement Can Move the Cancer Risk Gauge
We wouldn’t be women without estrogen. The hormone controls our sexual features and our ability to carry children. This hormone also drives the most common forms of breast cancer.
Skipping Chemo to Treat a Breast Cancer
Aggressive breast cancer requires aggressive treatment. The therapy for one menacing type of breast cancer – HER2-positive – almost always involves chemotherapy.  Maybe not for everyone, though.
Cheers to Living Longer after Cancer!
You may have heard that drinking alcohol increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. What about drinking after a breast cancer diagnosis? Does drinking before or after breast cancer affect a breast cancer survivor’s life expectancy?
More Mammograms for Seniors?
Mammograms to screen for breast cancer are no longer recommended for women over the age of 75. But there is new research suggesting that could be risky guidance.
Breast Cancer More Deadly in Certain Women
More black women die from breast cancer than white women each year. They also tend to be diagnosed with more aggressive forms of the disease. And clinicians blamed the higher death rates on these less treatable types of breast cancer.
Who Needs Breast Cancer Gene Testing
The risk of breast cancer can be such that women may have both breasts removed to avoid the possibility. Would genetic testing affect this decision?
Pendulum of Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer
You’ve no doubt heard that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) used for menopause symptoms increases breast cancer risks. More recent studies have found that maybe HRT is okay. Now the pendulum has swung back.  
Trouble Coping Under the Knife
Having breast cancer surgery is tough for any woman. But recovering from surgery may be a little tougher for women who also have mental health issues.