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Breast Cancer Patients Want to Have Fun!
It would be difficult to call breast cancer treatment fun. So it’s not surprising that breast cancer patients love to have a little fun with family and friends.
Living Longer with HER2+ Breast Cancer
HER2-positive breast cancers are more aggressive forms of breast cancer. These tumors contain a protein that promotes cancer cell growth. HER2-positive breast cancers can also be driven by the hormone estrogen.
Move Your Butt to Save Your Breasts
We’ve all heard that exercise is good for us. Yeah, yeah…but the couch is more fun, right? Well, there’s a new reason to leave the couch behind.
Implants May Enlarge Breast Cancer Risks
Women who have breast implants don’t have to worry that the implants themselves increase breast cancer risks. A new study suggests implants may affect other cancer risks, though.
Medications Do More Than Prevent Breast Cancer
If you knew of a pill that was proven to reduce your breast cancer risks, would you take it? What if that same medication upped your chances of developing another type of cancer – would you still take it?
Coffee May Reduce Return of Breast Cancer
If you’ve had breast cancer and love drinking coffee, you’ll want to read on. One of the world’s favorite beverages may have benefits you’ll want to take note of.
More Views For Breast Cancer Screening
Mammography screenings for breast cancer remain controversial. The technology is famous for producing false positives (something suspicious which turns out to be nothing) and causing undue alarm.
Preserving Breast Beauty After Cancer
Radiation therapy is commonly given after breast cancer surgery. The intense energy kills remaining cancer cells. The therapy can also change the look, feel and size of the treated breast.
Computers Search for Early Breast Cancers
Suspicious looking areas on a mammogram are hard to interpret. That’s why computer technology is used as a second pair of eyes. This technology has definite benefits, according to a new study, along with some potential disadvantages.
1 in 4 Women Skips Breast Cancer Therapy
The majority of breast cancers are fed by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. That’s why women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer are prescribed medicines to block these hormones. But a good portion of women may be skipping the therapy.