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Breast Cancer Survivors Get Healthier
There’s nothing like a cancer diagnosis to make a person sit up and take notice of how they’ve been taking care of themselves. So do breast cancer survivors engage in healthier habits after treatment?
Reducing Mammogram Errors and Anxiety
Very little is more unnerving for a woman than to be called back for more tests after a mammogram.  Fear — maybe even panic — sets in.  A new technology may cut down on these recalls and the anxiety they cause.
When It's Not Breast Cancer
When cells in the breast start to grow abnormally, it often means cancer — but not always. Some abnormal growths just increase breast cancer risks. But increased risks don't mean cancer is a given, and treatment may not be needed.
A Workout a Day May Keep Cancer Away
There have been several advances in breast cancer treatment. But it is natural to wonder if you could do something to avoid the disease. Researchers believe exercise may help fight off breast cancer.
Cancer Risks After In Vitro Fertilization
In vitro fertilization (IVF) has helped women around the world become mothers. This technique that’s been used for years can result in more than one bundle of joy. A new study discovered that multiple births after IVF might have risks.
Reshaping Trends for Rebuilding Breasts
Using fat from a woman’s body to reshape her breasts is nothing new. In fact, the first so-called "fat grafting" was described in 1895! The procedure had fallen out of favor because of safety concerns. Now the trend is reshaping.
Telling Your Kids About Your Cancer Risk
Let's say breast cancer runs in your family. So you decide to have genetic testing to learn your risks. The results of your test will affect your children. Would you tell your children the results or not? 
How Night Shifts Breast Cancer Risks
Working at night causes changes in the body that can be harmful. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified night work as a "probable human carcinogen" in 2011.
Which Cancer Survivors Need to Keep Blocking
Medications that block estrogen can be life savers for some breast cancer survivors. But does this approach help all breast cancer survivors?
Fatty Fish Slim Breast Cancer Risks
You may have heard that fatty fish is good for you. Tuna, sardines and salmon contain a type of fat that helps the immune system and blood vessels. Scientists are now finding that fatty fish may help lower cancer risks.