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Lasting Effect of Therapy for Panic with Agoraphobia
Panic attacks with agoraphobia can have a major impact on daily activities, and while cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment, it's not known how long the benefit might last.
Apples Don't Fall Far From the Personality Tree
The apple tree saying for families goes way back. Parents' traits often become their children's traits. And parents' mental health issues often become their children's too.
Pacifying the Panic
Everyone is afraid from time to time, but if you suffer from a panic disorder, the feeling can strike quickly and without warning in a way that impedes your ability to live a normal life. Now research is attempting to give us a better understanding of the physical effects of the disorder and explore new possible treatments.
Post-Stroke Confusion May Worsen Outcomes
Delirium among hospitalized stroke patients is common with up to 30 percent of patients suffering from disorientation and temporarily altered mental status. Research suggests those patients may have worse outcomes.
Work and the Healthy Mind
In an effort to quantify the societal impact of health disorders, global researchers found a link between mental health and time away from work. 
Don't Panic, Just Exercise
A simple, inexpensive, non-medicated and healthy remedy may be very effective in preventing and reducing panic or anxiety disorders: physical exercise.
Panic Attacks Don't Come Out of the Blue
Panic attacks are thought to be something that happen so suddenly and unexpected, that one doesn't have a chance to be prepared.
Morning Sickness Linked to Behavioral Issues
Old wives tales abound concerning pregnancy. One popular one is "if the future mother is really sick, it's a girl." According to recent research, it may cause something else.
Panic Attacks Predictable
Panic attacks may seem sudden and unexpected. In fact, physiological instability is detectable for at least an hour before a patient is aware that the panic attack will happen.
Global Look at Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder and symptoms are found throughout the world, but people throughout the world may not have access to mental health treatment.