Health News

Calling in the Cavalry for Depression Treatment
One of the most common ways to treat depression is through medication. When the standard medications don't help, doctors may prescribe different or stronger medications. Do they help?
FDA Approves Abilify Maintena for Schizophrenia
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ABILIFY MAINTENA™ (aripiprazole) for extended release injectable suspension, an intramuscular (IM) depot formulation indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia.
Do Alternative Autism Therapies Work?
There are many web sources singing the praises of herbs, vitamins and other alternative therapies for the treatment of autism. Do any of them work? Are they safe?
Antipsychotic Trial for Meth Addicts
As of yet, there is no pill on the market for treating methamphetamine addiction. Researchers will have to continue to test and investigate for a solution.
Antipsychotics Safety for Seniors
Antipsychotic drugs are used to treat psychotic symptoms that show up in many disorders. But are these drugs effective for older adults?
Costs and Benefits of Depression Drugs
Some people with depression do not respond well to traditional medications.  New trends in treatment may be very helpful, but also very costly.
Mental Illness Drugs and Pregnancy
Approximately two-thirds of all women with a history of mental illness give birth, and it can be tough to figure out which medications should or shouldn't be taken during pregnancy.
Do Antipsychotics Meds Cause Diabetes?
With stability being the top priority for people taking antipsychotics, a number of health and quality of life concerns remain. One is the risk of diabetes.
Punctuating OCD
Left untreated, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), can be as infuriating as it is incessant. Yet, some cases of the condition don't respond to conventional treatment with antidepressant medications.
Increased Drug Options for Mental Health
A cooperation agreement which has made national investing headlines may also bring good news for schizophrenia sufferers.