Health News

New Medical Device Treats Urinary Symptoms Related to Enlarged Prostate
The US Food and Drug Administration today authorized the marketing of the UroLift system, the first permanent implant to relieve low or blocked urine flow in men age 50 and older with an enlarged prostate.
Humpty Dumpty Might Have Been Stressed
Individuals' mental health can affect their physical health in ways they might not even realize. Even a person's risk of an accident may be related to mental health.
Shorter Lifespan With Cigarettes
Smoking can shave years off a person’s life and lead to an early death. Even if a man lives into his 70s, smoking can still steal several years of life.
Physician Group Recommends Against PSA Tests
If you’re a man – or a woman for that matter – you’re probably confused about cancer screenings. The recommendations for prostate cancer screenings have been all over the place.
Too Much Oxygen is No Good
Less is sometimes more, as it turns out for oxygen during surgery. New research gives anesthesiologists one more variable to consider.
The Resolution Plan
It's that time of year again - time to make all those resolutions with all those good intentions that go behind them.
Dads Urged to Get Healthy
It's time for Father's Day, when dads around the world are celebrated for their contributions to their families. This year a physician is encouraging dads to use this special day get on a fast- track to better health.
FDA warns about counterfeit ExtenZe dietary supplements
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about a potentially harmful product represented as “ExtenZe ,” a dietary supplement for male sexual enhancement. The counterfeit product looks similar to the actual product, but contains hidden ingredients that can cause serious harm to consumers.
Recall of Prostate Health Supplement
USA Far Ocean Group Inc. announced that it is conducting a voluntary nationwide recall of the Company's supplement product sold under the name “U-Prosta Natural support for prostate health”.
Counterfeit Male Enhancement
Biotab Nutraceuticals , Inc. ( “Biotab” ) is conducting a voluntary recall of two lots of EXTENZE nutritional supplement tablets.