Health News

New Test Finds CNS Infections Fast
A new test for meningitis and encephalitis could bring the time needed for results down from three days to one hour.
Vaccination: What Travelers Need to Know
New evidence suggests that many Americans who travel abroad may wind up bringing home some unintended souvenirs.
Could Your Child Be at Risk for Measles?
Measles may seem like an ailment from a bygone era, but new evidence suggests that many US children may still be at risk today.
Older Adults May Need This Vaccine
Vaccines and booster shots are often associated with kids, but they may be crucial for adults' health, too.
Bacterial Meningitis Decreased Across US
Many worry about the diseases vaccines protect against, but a recent study showed that efforts to improve immunizations and treatments for at least one illness may be working.
Getting a Boost to Fight Meningitis
One of the more disabling and fatal bacterial illnesses is meningitis. There are vaccines to protect against many meningitis strains, but not all of them — yet.
Making a Serious Illness Even Rarer
One of the childhood vaccinations recommended by the CDC is the one for pneumococcal bacteria. This bacteria can cause some types of meningitis.
Bitten by an Organ Transplant?
Kidney transplants can save lives. But sometimes, transplant recipients are faced with unexpected complications, like getting an illness from the transplanted kidney. Fortunately, such complications are rare and can be prevented.
When Summer Brings West Nile Virus
As summer begins, many may remember the West Nile outbreak that occurred in the summer of 2012. The CDC just released a review of that outbreak and how to avoid another.
An Okay Shot for Pregnant Moms
A pregnant woman should stay as healthy as possible to keep her baby safe and healthy. This includes protecting herself from infectious diseases.