Health News

Dangers of Drinking Too Much Alcohol
Binge drinking, especially over the course of several years, can come with severe health consequences. Here’s a list of some of the consequences of drinking too much alcohol.
Surprising Facts About the Flu
As the flu continues to change and new strains appear, it’s important to know how to lower flu risk for you and your family. Here are some facts about the flu that may surprise you.
Health Hazards of Sitting All Day
Whether it’s at the office, in the car or on the sofa, more Americans are sitting for significant periods of the day. Unfortunately, a sedentary habits can have consequences.
Where Kids Get Their Caffeine
It seems caffeinated drinks are available everywhere you look, from traditional soft drinks to energy drinks. Children and teens have noted this availability as well.
Kids Who Played Sports Made Healthy Food Choices
Playing a sport is a healthy physical activity for kids, but does it promote healthy food and drink choices as well?
Hold the Salt, Teens
It is well known that eating excess calories can lead teens to gain weight, but weight may also be related to how much salt is in a teen's diet.
How to Know If Your Child Is Overweight
The first step to recognizing a potential health risk is identifying it. This is particularly important when it comes to individuals recognizing whether they or loved ones are a healthy weight.
America's Unhealthiest Cities
Gallup-Healthways Well-Being rates U.S. metropolitan areas for overall well-being, diabetes, obesity, frequency of exercise, and produce consumption from 2010 - 2012.
Foods that Boost Brain Power
A few changes to your diet may give your brain a boost! 
Overweight Children May Grow Into Obese Teens
Childhood obesity poses a large health problem for the United States. Yet, there is still very little data on when the risk for obesity begins.