Health News

Child Obesity in the US: Still Growing
Over the last 30 years, obesity prevalence has increased in all age groups, a new study found. That new study looked at the trends after recent efforts to decrease obesity.
Omega-3s During Pregnancy: How They Might Help Baby
Lots of research suggests that omega-3s may have health benefits for those who consume them. For pregnant women, those benefits may extend to baby.
An In-Depth Look at Childhood Obesity
With nearly one-third of all US children ages 2 to 19 currently overweight or obese, childhood obesity has become an epidemic. Fortunately, this condition is preventable in many cases.
What's the Best Breakfast for Kids?
Many parents tell their kids that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet still lean on quick breakfast staples like cold cereal. New evidence suggests, however, that the best breakfast for kids probably won’t come from a box.
Moms-to-Be and Vitamin D
Women often have questions about what they should and shouldn't eat when they're expecting. Here may be one answer to those questions.
Vitamin D in Moms-to-Be: The Effect on Kids' Asthma
Could the vitamin D in mom's diet during pregnancy affect her children's future health? Regarding asthma, that question might have been answered.
How Fit Are Young Teens?
As teen obesity rates climb, the role of schools in shaping students' exercise habits has come under intense scrutiny. And there may be a good reason why.
Apples and Oranges: How Kids Eat Their Fruit
Want your kids to choose healthy foods over processed snacks? It may be helpful to know what fruits kids reach for most.
Keeping Kids Active When Summer Ends
When it's summertime, kids tend to spend their days playing outside or splashing around at the pool. And all that activity is a good thing. But how can you help keep your kid's activity level up when school starts again?
Healthy Summer Treats for Kids
When it’s hot outside and you're busy dragging your little ones from one pool party to the next, healthy eating may be the furthest thing from your mind. According to Kids Health, unhealthy snacks are a major contributor to childhood obesity, so it’s important that you provide your kids with the right snacks.