Health News

Vegetable Oils May Not Help You Live Longer
There's now reason to doubt the heart-health benefits of vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid, according to a new study.
Easy Steps to Heart Health
Heart disease takes more lives of men and women than any other disease in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
When Cells Eat Too Much Sugar, It Could Be Bad for Your Heart
Researchers have known for a while that chronic inflammation may play a part in coronary artery disease, but haven’t known where the inflammation may be coming from — until now.
Weight Loss: A Little Could Do a Lot
For overweight patients, attempting to shed those extra pounds can be daunting. But even dropping a few can have profound health benefits, new evidence suggests.
How Walnuts Could Affect Weight Loss
Looking to lose weight? You may want to try going a little nuts.
Caffeine Drinkers May Not Miss a Beat
Proponents and opponents of caffeine have long been weighing in on its health effects. Caffeine-lovers will be happy to know that one common caffeine criticism may no longer be on the table.
How Healthy Fat Could Save Your Life
After decades of fat-phobic diets, many people still believe that fat intake is what ultimately leads to obesity and related diseases. In reality, the right fats may actually save lives.
Healthy Teen, Healthier Adult
Teen habits could cast long shadows for men when it comes to high blood pressure (hypertension).
Depressed? Here's Another Reason to Work Out
The idea that exercise could help depressed patients isn't a new one. But what could be a new idea is that it could also help their hearts.
How We Eat: The Salty Truth
Are you eating too much salt? According to new evidence, it's very likely. {C}