Health News

Heartburn Meds for Any Size
Heavier set individuals are more likely to have acid reflux. But it is unclear whether reflux medicines are enough to stop heartburn and other symptoms in the overweight and obese.
Extra Pounds Don't Affect Heartburn Rx
Overweight and obese patients are at risk for a number of health conditions, including​ heartburn and two kinds of acid reflux. Could their weight affect how well their medications treat those conditions?
Ethnicity's Role in Return of Colon Condition
Treatments for a certain disease of the colon can help to some extent, regardless of patients' ethnic backgrounds. But ethnicity may play a role in whether the colon condition makes a come back.
Teens Under the Knife Lose Weight
Just as adults with severe obesity go under the knife for help, more teenagers are now following suit.
Cut That Gut?
Opting for a smaller stomach can bring some good. For those with type II diabetes, going under the knife can bring a lot of good, almost to the point of a full cure.
Bigger, Badder Tooth From Poverty
Keeping your teeth healthy is hard to do, especially when poverty is a factor. And for kids growing up in hard economic times, keeping the entire body healthy is a real challenge.
Surgery Works on Obese Teens
When diet and exercise doesn't work, overweight teens have another option to help shed the extra pounds.
Obese Youth Likelier to Have Gallstones
As children's waistlines continue to grow across the U.S., so do their chances of getting gallstones.
All Eyes on Surgery for Acid Reflux
Some obese patients with acid reflux still feel heartburn and nausea after seeking surgery to help. Thinking about going under the knife can be scary to begin with, and surgical procedures need to be done right.
Obesity and Acid Reflux
Acid reflux is on the rise as our waistlines expand. What's going on in our stomachs, and is there anything we can do about it?