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Fulyzaq Approved for HIV Patients
This week, the US Food and Drug Administration announced approval for Fulyzaq , a drug designed to treat symptoms of diarrhea in HIV/AIDS patients. It's the first drug for this purpose to win FDA approval.
FDA Approves First Anti-Diarrheal Drug for HIV/AIDS Patients
The US Food and Drug Administration today approved Fulyzaq ( crofelemer ) to relieve symptoms of diarrhea in HIV/AIDS patients taking antiretroviral therapy, a combination of medicines used to treat HIV infection. Diarrhea is experienced by many HIV/AIDS patients and is a common reason why patients discontinue or switch their antiretroviral therapies. Fulyzaq is intended to be used in HIV/AIDS patients whose diarrhea is not caused by an infection from a virus, bacteria, or parasite. Patients take Fulyzaq two times a day to manage watery diarrhea due to the secretion of electrolytes ...
Dentist Visit OK For Joint Implant Patients
There is a history of prescribing antibiotics to patients with hip and knee implants before they have any dental work done. There are concerns that this could help reduce the risk of bacteria entering the blood stream and affecting the implants. 
One Potty Problem After Another
If potty training isn't going well with "Number 2" but the bladder is under control, it may be a sign your child has a problem with his or her bowels.
The Strong Survive, Even Bacteria
It's an endless cycle: strong medications beat the germs, then the germs that survive grow again and beat that medication. Drugs are constantly being improved to combat these super bugs.
Can Travel Make Athletes Sick?
There may be more to home field advantage than just familiar surroundings and local fans. Crossing a few time zones more than doubled some athletes’ sick days.
Flossing Your Cancer Risks Away
You've been told to floss at least once a day to keep your gums healthy. Keeping gum disease and inflammation out of your mouth could do more than improve your smile.
Shingles Vaccine Safe for More Patients
People taking immunity-suppressing drugs are currently advised against the live-virus shingles vaccine because there is concern that it could lead to shingles, for this population.
Faster Water Quality Test Coming Soon
Summertime is just around the corner, and dog days at the beach may be part of many families' vacation plans. But parents may be wondering about how clean the water is. Water-testing technology so far has been inadequate in testing for bacteria because it's not accessible enough to check all swimming spots or it can't keep up with quickly changing conditions at some sites. Now a new, faster method for testing may be available from researchers whose paper strip method can detect E. coli in minutes. Check for safe and clear beaches ahead of time. Lead author John Brennan, a ch...
A Stomach Bug and Diabetes
Our bodies are like ecosystems, as even the smallest change can affect the whole. It is a similar case when it comes to disease. One little intruder can be involved in the development of diseases like diabetes.