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Extra Weight May Increase Risk for Certain Cancers
Many people want to slim down to cut their risks for heart disease and diabetes, but a new study suggests that being overweight may also affect cancer risk.
Sipping Away Cancer Risks
Drinking green tea has been associated with everything from longer life to improving memory. It’s healthy stuff that may keep our DNA strong. Green tea may be adding a new anti-cancer benefit to its resumé.
"The Great Masquerader" - Gallbladder Cancer
During a recent visit to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, dailyRx News had the privileged opportunity of sitting down and talking with specialists in cancers that aren’t so common.
Cancer Tops Heart Disease As #1 Killer
Hispanic/Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. These folks come from Cuba, Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico, among other countries. Heart disease used to be the leading cause of death for Latinos, but not anymore.
Jaundice and Gallbladder Cancer
Gallbladder cancer is a tough one to diagnose early, and scientists are trying to determine the best way to treat more advanced cases.
Beating Gallbladder Cancer Requires More Than Surgery
The gallbladder is a part of what's called the biliary tract, which is the system that makes and distributes bile to aid in digestion. Cancer of the biliary tract is also known as cholangiocarcinoma. 
Zeroing In On Rare Type of Gallbladder Cancer
Gallbladder cancer is not a cancer you hear a lot about, being diagnosed in just less than 10,000 Americans every year. And one particular type of gallbladder cancer occurs in one percent of these patients - which is about 100 individuals.
Childhood Cancer Warriors at Higher Risk of GI Cancers
Gastrointestinal cancers show up anywhere along the digestive tract. And while risk factors for each organ vary, a separate group of people appear to be at greater risk.
Parasites, Cancer, Genetics ...Oh My
While parasites in raw fish increase the risk for bile duct cancer in Southeast Asia, it may not be the cancer's most common cause. Insights into the cancer's genetic mutations apply a lot more broadly.
Large Variation Even Within One Cancer
The structure of the bile duct, buried inside the liver, is a particularly hard area to monitor. For this reason, treatment is extremely difficult as symptoms show up very late.