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Reducing Depression in Elderly Patients
Should doctors be trained in ways to help prevent depression and self-harm in at-risk patients? A new trial tried just that and discovered benefits from those preventative efforts.
Depression is Risky?
Most children with bipolar disorder will not attempt suicide, but the ones who do have a few things in common. Noticing these common risk factors can help prevent suicide attempts.
Guns are Risky Around Kids
Talking to parents about their children's risk of suicide can be as difficult as identifying a suicidal teen. A culture of familiarity with guns can complicate the discussion.
Anxious or Depressed? Or Both?
When it rains it pours, they say. The old adage may hold more truth than expected when it comes to mental health diagnosis. Commonly, those who are diagnosed with depression are also suffering from anxiety as well. This seems to hold true for both unipolar and bipolar depressive disorders, and it presents unique challenges for both patient and clinician. Difficulties in Diagnosis Proper diagnosis of depression and anxiety disorders is difficult. For starters, patients commonly report physical symptoms, like back or chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and loss of appeti...
Self-Medicating College Students
College is a tough time of transitions and self-exploration for many students. But students feeling depressed may be self-medicating instead of seeking the help they need.
Head Injuries, Depression & Suicide
Concussions don’t have to knock a person out cold to cause brain damage. A couple of good tackles in a contact sport can cause damage that can affect a person’s ability to process emotions and information later in life. 
Pro Bowl Linebacker Seau Dies
One of the most feared linebackers in the NFL died today as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.
Increased Stress During Active Service
There are dramatic mental health implications for those actively serving in the armed services. Recent findings reveal army suicide rates have dramatically increased in recent years.
Depression Drugs and Suicide
For the last few years, a possible link between suicide and antidepressant drugs in young people has been debated in the medical community.
Bad Behavior Linked to Suicidal Thoughts
When problem behavior starts showing up early in children, parents and other caregivers should recognize and address it. Kids who show early signs of aggressive or impulsive behavior, sleep problems and depression are more likely to have thoughts of harming themselves.