Health News

ED Drug Shrinks Abnormal Growths in Kids
Viagra is known to boost men’s sexual vigor, but it can also treat a totally different type of condition in children: One small study says that the drug can diminish the size of a birth defect in kids.
Childhood Infections Linked to Stroke Risk
Minor infections during childhood could have more devastating consequences. Common infections could put kids at a higher risk of stroke during the initial month following an infection.
Surgery Brings Blood Pressure Benefits For Obese Teens
Weight loss surgery is a last resort for morbidly obese teenagers. For those that do receive the operation, researchers are finding it is offering them benefits in addition to shedding extra pounds.
Sweets Could Heighten Teen Heart Risk
Parents have long warned teens to skip sugary sweets such as soda and candy to prevent them from loading up on empty calories. New research has revealed that excess sugar consumption could affect their future health.
Pre-term Babies at Risk of Hypertension
In addition to immediate health risks and developmental delays, preemies or babies with very low birth weights appear to be at an increased risk of developing hypertension later in life.
Helping Kids Awaiting Heart Transplant
U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials have given the green light to a device designed to support weakened hearts in children with heart failure who are awaiting a transplant.
Mommy Can I Have More Salt
Do you find that you're naturally inclined to dump salt on your food before even tasting it? Or perhaps you find that you rarely reach for the salt shaker? It may be a natural predisposition developed from exposure to sodium.
Silent Stroke Causes Found Among Sickle Cell Kids
Silent stroke may be the most common form of brain injury in children with sickle cell anemia, a rare, painful blood disorder. Recently, researchers have been able to pinpoint the risk factors for such strokes in children.
Overweight Kids More Likely to be Hypertensive
When children are overweight their risk of high blood pressure increases to nearly three times higher than that of children of a normal weight.
Heart Tied to Chronic Nausea in Kids
Up to 25 percent of all children experience unexplained chronic nausea, a condition that can be debilitating. Now researchers think they might have found out why.