Health News

Growing Up – and Growing Obese – with TV
More than 70 percent of children and teenagers have TVs in their bedrooms. But just having a TV in their rooms puts them at higher risk for becoming fat.
Heart Devices Affect Life Quality for Kids
Adults with implanted heart rhythm devices commonly experience lower quality of life. But when it comes to children, little is known about how it impacts life quality.
Magical Number for Kids' Activity is 7
Kids run, climb, crawl and jump. But is that activity enough to stop them from becoming overweight or obese? Well, yes – if the activity is intense enough and lasts long enough.
Can Flu Shots Help Hearts?
Getting a jab for the flu might do more than protect you from coming down with it. It might actually lower your risk of a heart attack. Two recent studies have found a possible benefit for your heart from the flu vaccine.
Managing Hypertension While Pregnant
If you have a chronic condition and become pregnant, it may mean different treatment during the pregnancy. High blood pressure is one such condition, and it's becoming more common.
Handling Tough News When Pregnant
It's a catch-22. If you find out your child has a heart defect before he's born, you can prepare. But it can also stress out mom — which can affect the baby as well.
Subtle Long-Term Impacts of Child Abuse
Experiencing abuse as a child means more than a higher risk of mental illness. Researchers are learning that abused children are at risk for various long-term physical issues as well.
Two Thirds of Obese Kids At Risk of Heart Disease
Children who fall into the "very obese" category are already suffering from at least one heart disease risk factor such as high cholesterol or hypertension.
Mapping Key to Arrhythmia Treatment for Kids
A small study that examined a procedure to produce three-dimensional maps of children's hearts could mark a step forward in repairing heart rhythm disorders in young patients.
ECG: A Preventative Tool for the Heart?
After a bout with rheumatic fever, heart valves in children can become damaged. The key to treating rheumatic heart disease before serious complications occur is detecting it early.