Health News

Checking Out Kids' Blood Pressure
The more doctors know about your body, the better they understand your risk for different conditions. By establishing an open relationship with your doctor, they can better address health issues, including conditions such as high blood pressure in kids.
Staying Fit to Stay Heart-Healthy
One part of keeping your heart healthy is keeping your arteries healthy. One thing that may help keep your arteries healthy is staying physically fit, even when you're still a teenager.
Smoking Could Hurt Your Kid's Heart
Secondhand smoke exposure during childhood may change cholesterol levels in a way that could increase the risk for heart disease later in life. That risk may not be the same for both genders.
How Well Are Little Hearts Surviving?
The ability of doctors to care for newborns with birth defects continues to improve in the US. Babies who may have died from a serious defect decades ago are more likely to survive now.
Teen Idlers May Get Real “Heart Throbs”
Unfortunately, many teens today have bad health habits. If they are inactive and eating poorly now, they could be increasing their odds of having heart disease as adults.
A Weak Link of Broken Hearts--EMBARGOED until 11:01pm CST on 3/23/13
The effects of a mother's body on her developing child are still mysterious in many ways. For example, the possible effects of emotional stress on a baby aren't totally understood.
Too Much Salt for Toddlers
It may be convenient to pick up prepackaged meals designed for babies and toddlers at the grocery store. Yet these meals may contain higher than recommended amounts of sodium.
Being Warm Hearted: Good for Your Heart!
It's said that helping others can make you feel better. Now there is evidence that helping others might actually improve your physical health as well.
Seeking a Crystal Ball for Kids' Hearts
Identifying early warning signs should assist doctors in helping their patients avoid future disease. However, it is possible to look too hard – and not really find anything helpful.
Chin Up to Stay Healthy
Teens from financially struggling backgrounds often have poorer health than teens from higher income backgrounds. But not all low-income teens have poorer health. What's their secret?