Health News

Police Stress is Unhealthy
Working as a police officer is stressful; so stressful, it turns out, that police officers may have a higher risk for a variety of physical and mental health problems.
Bread and Brain Cancer
One of the most important parts of medical science in pregnancy has been showing the effects of the maternal environment on the developing child. 
Step Up One Step at a Time Breast Cancer Dancers
Nobody walks away from breast cancer scot-free. The best of treatments leave the ladies of breast cancer changed, sometimes for years. Research confirms that fitness levels matter. A lot.
Mystery Behind Heart Failure After Chemo Solved
Scientists were working to find a drug target for heart muscle disease. Instead they incidentally discovered a key to preventing heart failure years after chemotherapy.
Statins Drop Cancer Risk After Heart Transplant (ER, 5/20, 12:30 PM CST)
One of the most common causes of death following a heart transplant is cancer that develops years later. Researchers believe they have found a new strategy for preventing it.
Untold Story: Cancer Rx & Heart Damage
The toxic side effects of some cancer medications are well-known. They can cause everything from nausea and hair loss to joint pain and fatigue. One very serious side effect is being under-reported and jeopardizing patients.
Switch Red Meat for the Other Meats
Digging into that steak may leave you with more than a full tummy - red meat also appears to be associated with a higher risk of dying, from cancer, heart attack, stroke or in general.
Hearty Cancer Predictor
Heart health can be improved with lifestyle changes - weight loss, exercise and a healthy diet. It may be that these changes also reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer.
Stem Cell Transplant Recipients Prone to Problems
Stem cell transplant patients may not only be at risk during treatment. A new study suggests that a decade later they are still more susceptible to psychological conditions and chronic illness.
Abnormal Heart Rhythms Linked to Anti-Nausea Drug
A drug used to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy, radiation and surgery has been linked to potentially fatal abnormal heart rhythms.