Health News

Statins May Lower Risk of Dying from Cancer
Old established drugs are finding new uses in the cancer world. Aspirin has been applauded because it fights inflammation. And a diabetes drug – Metformin – is also being tested as a cancer treatment. Now statins are being added to the list.
The Heart Breaking Chemotherapy Connection
Chemotherapy can be heartbreaking. Literally. A drug that has been used for half a century to treat a broad array of tumors, also destroys heart tissue. Why this happens is finally becoming clear.
No Change in Change-of-Life Hormone Warnings
A decade ago, when a woman reached menopause, she likely reached for hormone replacement therapy to calm the symptoms associated with the change in life. Then a large study called the Women's Health Initiative challenged that treatment.
Hormone Tied to Three Deadly Diseases
Your body is linked together through a complex system we still know little about. As such, diseases are related in ways still unknown. Now, researchers have pinpointed a hormone linked to three deadly diseases.
Kidneys After Childhood Cancer
For a kid to beat cancer means that child has the opportunity to live a long, fulfilling life. But certain battles may not be finished. Children who overcome cancer may still face some health risks.
Training and Eating to Fight Cancer
Eating well and exercising hard continues to pay off, even in fighting a disease as serious as liver cancer.
The Cost of Repression
The mind-body connection has interested people for centuries with more and more research showing that the two are completely connected.
Fitness Now Improves Life Later
Higher fitness levels bring lots of benefits to individuals in the now. It helps keep away illnesses and makes the body strong. And fitness also has an effect way down the road by adding years to life, but its quality had been in question.
Can Mindfulness Help Loneliness?
Loneliness among older individuals can be a significant risk factor for health problems like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and even death.
Combining Heart and Cancer Drugs?
A class of medicines called cardiac glycosides are used to treat heart failure and irregular heartbeats. Scientists say these same drugs could also serve as cancer vaccines.