Health News

Fattening Cancer Risks
Being lean isn't just great for a person’s self-esteem. Not having excess fat on the body helps to lower the risks of a number of diseases. And just the opposite is true – too much fat can fatten health risks.
Cancer Succeeds After Heart Fails
Thanks to advances in medicine, heart failure patients are living longer than ever before. Scientists are now seeing that these survivors need to be especially careful to keep an eye on their overall health.
More Men May Benefit from Aspirin Therapy
You may have heard about taking one baby aspirin a day to help prevent heart disease. This little, multi-purpose pill is also showing power in reducing cancer deaths.
More Than the Mind in Mental Health Care
It's known that people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders also struggle with physical illness. Such physical illness may be leading to deaths that could be avoided.
Cancer Survivors Need to Love Their Hearts
Here’s an unhappy, but avoidable, bit of information: women with early stage breast cancer may be more likely to die of heart disease than they are of cancer. Recent research looked at the cancer and heart disease link.
Heart Surgery Risk for Cancer Survivors
Radiation therapy has helped many patients fight cancer. However, the treatment often takes a toll on the heart and affects survival rates for those who have heart surgery.
Heart Medication May Increase Cancer Risk
Problems with medications can be discovered years after they’ve been on the market. One very popular heart medicine that’s been around since 1985 may fall into this category.
Heart Healthy and Cancer Free
Cancer doesn’t just show up on your doorstep one day. It takes years to develop. That’s why a healthy lifestyle – over time – makes such a difference.
Skip the Bacon and Sausage
Bacon is almost a staple in the American diet. But in Europe, consuming the juicy goodness along with other processed meats could lead to an early death.
Heartfelt News for Breast Cancer Survivors
Cancer therapies save lives. But those same treatments can also cause serious problems years later. Such is the case with radiation therapy for breast cancer.