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Cholesterol Meds May Lower Cancer Deaths
Cholesterol lowering medications called statins are among the most commonly prescribed medicines in the US. New research is suggesting these medications may lower more than cholesterol in prostate cancer patients.
Breast Cancer Rx Linked to Heart Failure
Roughly one in four breast cancers has too much of a protein called HER2, which makes the cancer grow faster. The medication Herceptin (trastuzumab) targets the HER2 protein to help breast cancer patients live longer. But this medication may be linked to heart problems.
Can Hormone Therapy Prevent Chronic Illness?
Hormone replacement therapy is often considered for treatment of menopause symptoms. Could it potentially treat more serious conditions?
Can Coffee Curb Illness?
People all around the world enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning to help kick start the day. But what other benefits might coffee have? A recent study provided insight into this question by examining the relationship between coffee consumption and various illnesses.
Women’s Cancer Linked to Cholesterol Problems
You may already know that high overall cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. What you might not know is that survivors of some cancers may be more prone to having high amounts of fat in their blood.
At the Heart of Childhood Cancer
Childhood cancer is very rare. And when it does strike, most kids live through it. The lifesaving treatments affect young bodies though, and those effects can show up later in life.
Years of Rx May Increase Cancer Risks
Millions of people rely on calcium channel blockers to control their blood pressure.  They are among the most widely prescribed medications in the US. New research suggests that long-term use of these medications may impact cancer risks.
Buttered Up and Cheesy May Not Kill You
For years, people have heard they should not eat saturated fat. This kind of fat is found in butter, cheese, meats and other heavier foods. But the wisdom of that advice may be changing.
Nutty for Life
The key to living a long and healthy life might be in the palm of your hand — with a handful of nuts, that is.
Hug Your Heart after Cancer
Ways of treating cancer keep getting better all the time. That’s why there are more cancer survivors today than at any other time in history. Unfortunately, some older cancer treatments may be linked to long-term risks of other diseases.