Health News

Super Cancer Vaccine on the Horizon?
The possibilities for treating a number of cancers - including difficult to treat ones - have just taken a gargantuan leap. An experimental vaccine is showing hugely promising results in animal studies.
Protein Slows One Cancer and Forms Another
Genes and the proteins they carry are increasingly seen as key players in the formation and spread of cancer. An interesting twist has come into play with one protein that both fights and promotes cancer.
A Vaccine Against Breast and Ovarian Cancer Being Studied
Won't it be just fantastic when a woman could be vaccinated against breast cancer and ovarian cancer? What a relief that will be! Well, scientists are getting closer to making this a reality.
Blood Clots a Common Risk for Some Cancer Patients
As if cancer treatment isn't rigorous enough, patients are often at risk of additional medical problems for months afterwards. New research has uncovered that some cancer patients face an increased risk of developing blood clots.
Fat Cells are Like Jet Fuel to Cancer
Ovarian cancer cells thrive on a high-fat diet. These crazies love to feed off the fat cells and when they do, the results can be swift and deadly. Stay lean to fight off cancer. Researchers have discovered that cells in the fatty tissues of the abdomen provide just the right nutrients to help ovarian cancer spread like wildfire. The large pad of fatty tissue that starts at the stomach and covers the intestines is known as the omentum. In the vast majority of cases (80 percent), by the time ovarian cancer is even diagnosed, it has already spread to the omentum. This cancer tends...
Lighting up Cancer Brightens Patient Futures
Not only is ovarian cancer difficult to diagnose, it is also difficult for a surgeon to see to surgically remove. New technology could soon make surgery more effective to improve the outlook for patients.
Get to Know the Early Signs of a "Silent Killer"
There are no reliable screenings for ovarian cancer, a deadly form of the disease that can strike at any time in a woman's life. That's why knowing the warning signs is so important.
Ovarian Cancer in Pelvic Masses
A mass in your pelvis is detected. Scary. Now you and your doctors obviously want to know if it's cancer. That's been difficult to determine - before now.
Ovarian Cancer Treatment Enters New Era
A new drug shows huge promise in treating one of the worst cancers in women. This medication shrinks ovarian cancer tumors to offer new hope for women diagnosed with the disease.
Genetic Treasure Map
It's the most thorough and comprehensive genetic study of any type of cancer. Now scientists have more information and understanding about ovarian cancer, survival rates and  possible treatments.