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Cancer Clinical Trial Becomes Futile
Sometimes clinical trials have to be stopped because the therapy being tested does more harm than good. This is what happened in recent esophageal cancer study.
Esophageal Cancer is Probably a Carnivore
Red meat and processed meats have come under fire lately. Diets loaded with hamburgers, pork chops, bacon, hotdogs and pot roast are associated with heart disease and increased risks of certain cancers. 
Before Is Better Than After Surgery
Doctors have known for a while that radiation given in addition to chemotherapy and surgery helps esophageal cancer patients live longer. What hasn’t been well understood is the best time a patient should receive this treatment – before or after surgery.
Esophageal Cancer Facts That Defy Logic
Patients who have esophageal cancer can also have what's known as multiple primary cancers (MPC). These cancers appear before or at the same time as the esophageal cancer.
Second-Line Cancer Therapy Extends Lives
Cancers of the esophagus and stomach often require treatment with more than one type of chemotherapy agent. Researchers now know which medication is best if initial, or first-line, therapy fails.
Burning Inside the Burping Baby
Babies need a hand burping, especially the itty bitty ones. Too much of that gas, however, can be sign of more serious problems going on in their tummies.
Influx of Bad Acid Reflux in England
First there's the heartburn. And maybe nausea. It's common among people with acid reflux and, across the UK, more are letting it become a bigger problem.
Kicking Cancer After It Returns
Esophageal cancer is a tough one to beat. Progress is being made, though. A new study confirms a way to treat this cancer when it comes back.
Patterns of Return
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be used before surgery to shrink a tumor. This is known as neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy . If the tumor responds, doctors call this a pathologically complete response ( pCR ).
Sipping Away Cancer Risks
Drinking green tea has been associated with everything from longer life to improving memory. It’s healthy stuff that may keep our DNA strong. Green tea may be adding a new anti-cancer benefit to its resumé.