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Prevention Key as Cancer Rates Rise
You'd be hard-pressed to find a person who didn't know anyone affected by cancer. New evidence is highlighting just how widespread the disease is — and what can be done to stop it.
Breast Cancer: Your History Might Not Be Your Future
Young women with a family history of breast cancer may be understandably anxious if diagnosed with the disease. But family history may not affect the ultimate outcome.
Advice for Smarter, Cost-Saving Cancer Screening
Catching cancer early can save lives, but screening too often — without good reason — may be costly and harmful.
What Women Need to Know about Breast Density
For women with dense breasts, cancer can be hard to detect — and the risk of getting it can be high. Even so, additional cancer screening tests may not be necessary.
A Stagnant Scene for Cancer Screening
Public health campaigns and billboards promoting cancer screening abound, but are these efforts working?
Mammography: Screening, Usefulness and Overdiagnosis
A mammogram each year is a good way to catch breast cancer early, right? Actually, it depends on who you ask.
Breastfeeding May Benefit Moms, Too
Breastfeeding may not just bring benefits to baby.
Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Under Debate
Although it may seem intuitive that you should get screened early and often for all types of cancers, it isn't always that simple. New breast cancer screening guidelines highlight the role of personal choice in screenings for younger women, but not all experts are in agreement.
Breast Cancer Screening: How Often Is Often Enough?
Most women should get screened for breast cancer every other year, according to some current guidelines. But many surgeons may recommend a schedule that adheres to different guidelines.
How Breast Cancer Might Affect Your Brain
The breast is a long way from the brain, but now it seems a breast cancer diagnosis might affect patients’ ability to think.