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How Diet Could Affect Breast Cancer Risk
The Mediterranean diet has long been promoted as a heart-healthy way of eating. But, for women, there may now be another good reason to adopt this diet.
Fertility Concerns for Breast Cancer Rx
Young breast cancer patients commonly have fertility concerns, and those concerns may affect their decisions about treatment.
When Cancer Rxs Team Up
Sometimes it takes two. Two breast cancer medications, that is.
What Extra Radiation May Mean for Breast Cancer
Cancer patients may assume that the less radiation they need, the better. But that might not be the case for some.
The More Exercise, The Better For Older Women
For most people, slimming down can lower the risk for many conditions. But, for postmenopausal women, maintaining a healthy weight may be especially important.
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Screening
Screening for breast cancer may be a double-edged sword.
Saving the Breast in Cancer Surgery
As bad as a breast cancer diagnosis is, the prospect of breast cancer surgery may be nearly as scary for some women. Many women, however, are taking advantage of newer surgery options that save as much of the breast as possible.
Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer?
Over the past few years, there has been increasing evidence that obesity may be a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. Now another disease may be added to that list.
Early Breast Cancer Surgery Timing Under Debate
As doctors become better and better at detecting breast cancer early, some question whether every early detection warrants early surgery. New evidence suggests that the answer to that question may depend on the type of breast cancer patients have.
How a Change to Breast Cancer Surgery Might Help Patients
When it comes to breast cancer surgery, a slightly wider scope may lead to better outcomes for patients.