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Higher Risk Breast Cancer in African-American Women
Breast cancer is less common in African-American women, but death from breast cancer is higher. The reasons may lie in the types of breast cancer African-American women develop.
Benefits of Breast Cancer Rx May Outweigh Heart Risks
In women with advanced breast cancer, treatment with trastuzumab may lead to heart problems. But for many of these women, the risk may be worth it.
Too Much Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
Red meat seems to be a staple of the American diet. However, eating too much red meat has been linked to a variety of health problems that could affect unexpected parts of the body.
Moles May Be Markers of Breast Cancer Risk
The amount of sex hormone's in a woman's blood may play a role her risk of breast cancer. And those sex hormone levels may show themselves in more obvious ways than once thought — in the form of moles on the skin.
Cancer Signs Women Might Miss
Many cancers are not detected until it's too late. But there are some early signs of cancer that women might overlook. Knowing the symptoms to look for can help a doctor diagnose cancer early, which can boost the odds of successful treatment.
Many Breast Cancer Patients May Exercise Too Little
Exercise has been shown to help women diagnosed with breast cancer live longer and better lives. But are breast cancer patients actually getting the exercise they need?
Potential New Alternative for Early Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen has been the standard therapy for certain types of breast cancer. A new medication combination could eventually give women another choice that may be more effective.
Rx Lowered Risk of Early Menopause After Chemotherapy
Researchers are constantly looking for ways to ease the lasting side effects of chemotherapy, and they may have found help for younger breast cancer patients.
Hospitalization Risk Depended on Type of Chemotherapy Used
Chemotherapy for breast cancer comes with a long list of possible risks, including hospitalization, but not all chemotherapy regimens carry the same risk.
Breast Cancer Death Risk May Be Higher for Some Obese Women
Shifting female hormones can affect wellness and disease alike. Breast cancer, a disease influenced by hormones, also may be affected by women’s body size.