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Brisk Exercise May Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Black Women
Exercise has been associated with many health benefits like reduced heart disease risk and stress. And new research suggests black women may be able to cut their breast cancer risk by working out.
NSAIDs May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
Overweight or obese women may be less likely to see their hormone-related breast cancer return if they take a common over-the-counter medication.
Bone Loss Rx Studied for Possible Lowered Breast Cancer Risk
Previous research suggested that a common medicine used to treat osteoporosis had the positive side effect of reducing breast cancer risk. New research suggests that may not be true.
Mammogram Benefits in Women Over 75
Research has shown that mammograms can detect breast cancer earlier in younger women and lead to better outcomes. But they may also help older women with breast cancer.
Acupuncture Could Help Patients With Breast Cancer Find Relief
As acupuncture becomes more common, more research is exploring its effects. One new study found that the practice may help some breast cancer patients.
Simple Steps to Reduce Women’s Cancer Risk
There is no way to completely eliminate your risk of developing cancer, however maintaining a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in reducing your risk for certain types of cancer.
Tamoxifen Gel May Cause Fewer Blood Clots
Women with a certain type of breast cancer may be prescribed a medication called tamoxifen to slow the spread of the cancer. In some women, though, tamoxifen causes harmful side effects. A similar medication may lead to fewer such side effects.
Finding the Best Way to Screen for Breast Cancer
Mammograms are recommended every other year for women older than 50. But this practice draws criticism because the screening emits radiation and can lead to false positives and overdiagnosis.
Balancing the Benefits and Risks of Mammograms
High public awareness of breast cancer has driven charity walks and fundraising from large organizations that stress the importance of regular screening mammograms.
Breast Cancer Screenings Have Been Effective
Although there are varying guidelines on when to start and how often to receive mammograms, a new study has reinforced the importance of the breast cancer screening test.