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Weight May Not Affect Breast Cancer Survival
We’ve been told time and again that fat kills. Being overweight or obese definitely adds to our risks of developing chronic diseases including cancer. A new study finds, though, that it doesn’t appear to impact cancer survival.
A Breast Cancer Elf?
Here’s an intriguing thought. What if we could reprogram cancer so it responds to treatment? That’s exactly what breast cancer experts are exploring.
Can a Single Gene Defeat Tamoxifen Treatment?
Not all women respond to a common breast cancer drug called tamoxifen . Not to worry–these women can now be identified and switched to another medication before the disease turns deadly.
Mother’s Age May Impact Breast Cancer Risks
Younger women are more prone to what’s known as triple-negative breast cancer. There aren’t any good treatments for this very bad cancer. Delaying childbirth and breastfeeding, though, may be ways to ward it off.
Extending Tamoxifen Use May Extend Lives
For years, tamoxifen has been prescribed for women who’ve been treated for breast cancer. Extending the time women take the drug may extend lives.
Guiding Women's Cancer Prevention Steps
Did you know that if you're at high risk of developing breast cancer, there are drugs you can take to cut your risks in half? Would it be helpful for you to have a computer program that could guide you as you decide what's best for you?
Estrogen Blockers may Block Melanoma too
More and more, we're hearing about unintended consequences and side effects of medicines that have been on the market sometimes for years. Women who have beaten breast cancer can bask in new findings about a medication most of them take.
Femara Superior to Tamoxifen Study Shows
For years, tamoxifen  has been the gold standard for keeping breast cancer from reappearing. Updated research shows another medication known as an aromatase inhibitor is even more effective for post-menopausal women.
What Works for Breast Cancer Survivors
After being successfully treated for breast cancer, a woman still lives with a lingering fear. Will this come back and kill me? One drug reduces the risks of both. Taking Tamoxifen for 5 years reduces breast cancer recurrence and mortality.
Male Hormones Drive Some Female Breast Cancers
Most breast cancers are fueled by the female hormone estrogen. In an interesting twist, scientists have discovered that a male hormone ignites breast tumor growth in some women.