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Kids Near the Fastlane May Act Fast
Pollution can be a double negative. It's not so good for the lungs and, at the same time, it can make concentrating difficult for kids.
Parents Don’t Overestimate ADHD
There has been some debate about whether parents tend to think their kids have ADHD when that's not actually the case. To settle the matter, the CDC double-checked their stats to see if parental bias played a role in reported rates of ADHD.
Over-prescribed ADHD
Clinical guidelines recommend treating preschool aged kids that have ADHD with behavioral therapy before trying medication. But few doctors may be following these guidelines.
Hyperactive Kid? Help the Parents
If a child shows signs of a problem like ADHD, addressing it early is the best course of action. But what's the most effective way to address this behavior issue in preschoolers?
Give Kids a Brain Boost with Exercise
Ever heard someone tell you that a particularly rambunctious child simply needs more exercise? Well, there may be something to that after all – for people of all ages.
Looking Down the Road for Kids with ADHD
What happens to kids who have ADHD when they grow up? Does the disorder go away? Or do they continue to struggle as adults? Or is it a bit of both?
Once ADHD, Always ADHD?
Early detection of ADHD is important for children. But what happens after diagnosis? Do the children improve? Does medication matter?
Substance Use in Teens with ADHD
Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may have a harder time in life and wind up reaching for substances to cope. Early interventions may improve later habits.
Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD
Millions of American children are affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Kids with ADHD face a number of learning and behavioral issues, including difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. These issues can lead to poor performance at school, low self-esteem and troubled relationships.
Mixing Mental Health and Substance Use
If you're treating a teen for mental health, it's important to understand the big picture. The big picture includes how much they drink, smoke or use marijuana.