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Give Your Brain a Break
" Buzzzzz !" A new text message. "Ding!" Another instant message. " Bloop !" A new email. And then you hear the music of your phone's ringtone. When does your brain ever get to rest?
Filling Prescriptions Before It’s Time
One of the more difficult forms of drug abuse to control among teens is prescription drug abuse. Prescription drugs, like stimulants prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can be abused for recreational purposes. 
Predictive Behavior: Problems for Kids
Why is it that some children develop emotional or behavioral problems? The answer is complex but new research may help us better predict who will have problems so they can be addressed earlier.
TGIF Differs in ADHD
As readers digest this article, someone else in the world takes in a social drink with thoughts of relaxation. Unfortunately for those with ADHD, such a drink could have erratic cognitive consequences,
The Obstacles and Gifts of ADHD
It wasn't until her son was diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder (ADD) that Sandra Vitallo had a label for all the things she'd been feeling since childhood.
Multitasking is Multi-Distracting!
You might be one of the 59% of Americans that use your computer and TV at the same time. Studies show that “multi-taskers” who think they can successfully divide their attention between TV & computers prove to be driven to distraction.
Distractions While Driving
Car drivers are even more distracted than normal when sending text messages, answering phone calls or searching for their destination on a GPS. The results from a new study reports that individuals with ADHD have a greater risk of getting in a car accident.
Violence: Side Effect of Perscription Drugs
Illegal street drugs are not the only drugs associated with violent behavior.  Various prescription drugs have been linked to violent outbursts, even homicide, by mental health patients.
ADHD Drug Deals with Iron Deficiency
A study with adolescent rats shows that Ritalin®, a drug commonly prescribed for attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), may help ease damage from early iron deficiency.