Health News

Alzheimer's Now Linked to Diabetes
From your head to your toes, diabetes can affect many aspects of your health. This common condition may even harm your ability to think and process information.
Like Diabetes, Like Alzheimer's
The hormone insulin plays a central role in diabetes. Now, it seems the hormone may also play a role in the early signs of Alzheimer's disease.
Obesity May Speed-Up Cognitive Decline
Keeping a healthy weight has many benefits. Recent research suggests that it may also help keep memory sharp as you age. A recent study looked at people’s weight and other health problems, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
Bridging Diabetes and Alzheimer's
Over the years, diabetes has been linked to numerous health problems. More recent connections have been made between diabetes and cognitive decline. Now, more signs point to a link with Alzheimer's disease.
Scientists Discover Gene Linked to Alzheimer's and Diabetes
Scientists have deciphered how a gene works. They were aided in part by the gene's link to both Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes, which could prompt new treatment options.
Reducing Risks Could Cut Alzheimer's
Moderate lifestyle changes may seem small, but they can provide large returns in better health. Exercising and smoking cessation are among modifiable changes capable of reducing risk of Alzheimer's disease.