Health News

Young Americans Making Better Choices
Using prescription medications for non-medical use has become a real problem in the US. Fortunately, young adults have been backing away from this type of abuse.
Too Many Teens Smoking, Drinking, Using
It’s not exactly a surprise to hear that some teens may drink, smoke or use drugs. But the sheer number of teens engaging in these behaviors may be a bit of a shock.
Mental Illness Slowed Flow of Productive Juices
Mental illness and substance abuse can keep people from being able to work. Better treatment services may help boost productivity among persons with a mental health disorder.
The Global Burden of Drug Abuse
Drug abuse can take a serious toll on a person’s health and ability to function. Worldwide, the abuse of opioids is far greater than the abuse of any other drug.
Turning to Heroin After Painkiller Abuse
Heroin use has been on the rise in the past couple of years. Using prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes may have been a gateway for some adults who started using heroin.
Stopping the Path to Drugs and Alcohol
It's often possible to detect future problems among children who are disruptive in school. Even kindergartners who act up might be at greater risk for problems later — unless someone steps in.
Fewer Moms-To-Be Abusing Booze
Pregnant women have been getting the memo about not abusing alcohol. But higher drug abuse rates among moms-to-be suggest there is still a need for education and support.
More Women Overdosing on Painkillers
Opioid painkiller use has been on the rise for a few years now. Among women in the US, overdose deaths from prescription painkillers have eclipsed all other drug overdoses.
Possible Cocaine Substitute
Quitting any addiction cold turkey can be really tough. A replacement for cocaine, like methadone for heroin addicts, may pave the way for a new therapy to help addicts quit. 
Ouch! I Bonked my Head!
Many of us will remember what it was like to be an awkward, clumsy teenager. Remember bonking our heads on a door after staring a bit too long at our high school crush? How often are injuries like these serious?