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A Link Between Migraines and Your Waistline?
The link between being overweight or obese and other health issues is clearly established for conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. But a person's weight may be related to migraines as well.
Many Medications Minimize Migraines
There has been uncertainty about whether medications help prevent migraines in adults. A recent study was conducted to weigh the risks and benefits of various FDA-approved medications to reduce migraine headache frequency.
Kids' Headaches Don't Need More Radiation
Often, getting more tests and treatment for an illness is not better. In fact, it might actually lead to other problems. That's part of the reason CT scans aren't recommended for kids' headaches.
Looking Out for Teens' Headaches
Many people may think adults are the most likely to experience migraines. However, young teens can have migraines and get chronic daily headaches as well.
Trouble Coping with Pain
Past research has shown the risk for suicide to be higher in people with mental health disorders. Now, it seems the risk for suicide may be found in people with long-term pain as well.
Tackling Migraine Management
Migraine headaches are a common and disruptive disorder – one that often leads people to hole up in a dark room until the migraine passes. But despite the prevalence and impairment caused by migraines, many patients are not currently on preventative therapy.
A Pregnancy Dilemma for a Medication?
Some medications are linked to disorders such as autism or to birth defects when taken during pregnancy. However, that risk must also be balanced against the medication's benefits.
What Do Colic and Migraines Share?
It's normal for a baby to cry. But when that crying lasts for weeks on end, the baby may have a condition known as colic. While the cause of colic remains unknown, it may be related to migraines.
Imaging Can Be Such A Headache
Getting to the bottom of a headache can be a headache itself. Many turn to CT or MRI scans for answers. But a recent campaign says that may not be necessary.
Migraine Prevention With A Headband
Nerve stimulation is an accepted treatment for chronic pain, but is not well understood when it comes to headaches. Researchers are looking at how effective a new stimulation device is at preventing migraines.